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Back in 2012, While we were working in tourism in Bordeaux, France, we decided to set off on an adventure to the other side of the world. We travelled to Panama city, Panama and started our touristic magazine. Following up we moved to Barcelona, Spain and started our airbnb accommodations and tours for travellers. In 2019 had a trip to Lapland and fell in love with it, moved here and make many adventures for friends and families. On these adventures, we came up with the idea that perhaps others may be interested in this style of travel too.


Just like that, Wonderlapland was born!

Explore this amazing planet we all live on and at Wonderlapland we pride ourselves in finding the very best way to explore. If it means walking we will do it and we will make sure we do it well and in the very best environments.Polar regions? The winter environment? Why just ski when you can also dog sled, snow shoe walk, make a hole (and ice fish in it!) or experience the northern lights. Wildlife? Far better in small unobtrusive group with an expert guide, and to really understand the local culture get off the beaten track with a local who can share their knowledge with you. There really is a whole world of great experiences here and we can now offer many of these experiences to families and groups.

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