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''Not all those who wander are lost''

Northern Lights


Lapland is all about The Experience.

From Hiking tours to Wildlife Safaris, Northern Lights hunt, Ice fishing or Snowshoeing, Visiting the one and only Santa Claus in Rovaniemi and many other Unique tours.

Here is something for every kind of traveller with Wonderlapland !


We specialise in small group trips for active, adventurous Individuals, Couples and families looking for a memorable experience.

We will provide our expert knowledge, exciting itineraries and friendly staff and take you under the skin of Lapland for the adventure of a lifetime.

Our average group tour size is just 8; perfect for meeting new people and getting to the heart of our destinations.


Wonderlapland caters to every type of traveller no matter their Age, Budget or Adventure style.

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The One and only place to leave your little loved ones.

Parents can now enjoy all winter activities in lapland

which are not suitable for babies/toddlers/children such as:

( Northern lights, Snowmobiles, Ice fishing, Snowshoeing, Frozen Waterfalls ) without being worried.

We are unique because we have amazing playground area with lovely staff that speak English/French or Spanish in a convenient location at reasonable prices.

Drop your children off at the Playground with lots of fun activities, for the day or night.

We have a supervised playground (slides, swing, reading area, playhouse, lego area, cars play area, soft play for babies, Sleeping room, and more).

We are located in the city center, easy to find and reach from all the hotels or airbnb's.

Open from early morning (so you can join the morning activities) until you come back from your northern lights tours or your night time out.  


Back in 2012, While we were working in tourism in Bordeaux, France, we decided to set off on an adventure to the other side of the world. We travelled to Panama city, Panama and started our touristic magazine. Following up then we moved to Barcelona, Spain and started our airbnb accommodations and tours for travellers. In 2019 had a trip to Lapland and fell in love with it, moved here and make many adventures for friends and families. On these adventures, we came up with the idea that perhaps others may be interested in this style of travel too.


Just like that, Wonderlapland was born.

Exploring this amazing planet we all live on. And at Wonderlapland we pride ourselves in finding the very best way to explore. If it means walking we will do it and we will make sure we do it well and in the very best environments.Polar regions? The winter environment? Why just ski when you can also dog sled, snow shoe walk, make a hole (and fish in it!) or experience the northern lights. Wildlife? In our experience, small, discreet groups led by expert guides guarantee an incomparable experience for the traveller.  This allows for a better cultural understanding and an "off the beaten track" day, which is easier to achieve with the passion of local guides.

Lapland is all about The Experience.

Luggage Service

Luggage keeping service/day


Fast & Easy

Keep it safe

Fixed Price


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10 Euros

Big luggage

5 euros

Cabin luggage

5 euros



Friendly Staff



Value for money



Rovakatu 19b, 96200 Rovaniemi, Finland

+358 (0)40 851 64 87

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